About Kalani


Kalani is a visionary teacher who enjoys sharing his insights with people from all walks of life. He is the creator of the Thoughtfulness Practice, an approach to understanding and using the mind as part of fulfilling one's potential for living and enlightened life. He is the author of more than nine books, three CDs, fourteen DVDs, and countless articles. He has appeared throughout the world as a workshop leader and trainer, and is a frequent presenter at national in international conferences and festivals.

Kalani attained the pinnacle of success as a professional musician, playing, recording, and touring with notable artists such as Yanni, Barry Manilow, Rod Stuart, and Kenny Loggins. He now enjoys devoting time to teaching others how to practice fulfilling their spiritual potential by incorporating simple practices into their everyday living. With the goal of helping individuals and communities, Kalani created the EVOLVE Podcast as a "living audio book," making the Thoughtfulness Practice available to everyone at no charge.

Kalani is known for his unique ability to make what seems complex, simple. His approach is universally appealing to everyone, regardless of religions or spiritual orientation. His style is open and friendly, inviting the listener to become his or her own guide during their spiritual journey.

To invite Kalani to your event or program, send a request using the contact form on this website. You may also contact Kalani through FaceBook and follow him on Twitter @kalanidas.